It’s not about what you know, but who you know!

The world is just one handshake away and the most powerful people in the world are at your fingertips. This essence we would like to provide to students and partners to build a network and offer them tools, tips and tricks to make the first step in begin a networkKING.


In 2003, Charles van Goch, alumnus of Hotel Management School Maastricht, wanted to be reunited with his friends from school. However, a platform or event to meet them did not exist. He decided to build this platform! In 2004, the first Dutch HotelloTOP event took place in Maastricht with 500 visitors. Since then, the Dutch event has grown to 1.750 Hotello’s that come together during the Horecava trade show in January. After the proven success of the events in The Netherlands, the German and Belgian schools were asking for a similar networking platform. The core of the networking platform is that the connection is instantly there, simply because of the fact that everyone has studied at one of the Hotel Management Schools.

Moreover, we would like to provide students workshops about how important networking is during events. They should be taken out of their comfort zones and take action because we truly believe that interaction, sharing and cooperation between hospitality professionals has more impact than doing business on your own. Agree right?

We offer schools and their students an interactive workshop of 45 minutes to 2 hours with practical tools to develop their networking skills. The workshop is given free of charge at any time and any day (in consultation with HotelloTOP).


  • Your students will learn about the importance of networking from the get-go;
  • Customised slides are possible, based on the School’ wishes and needs; 
  • The workshop is given by Alumni of Hotel Management Schools, they know the target group well;
  • The students will be introduced to the HotelloTOP platform; 
  • The presentation includes a healthy dose of humor, fun and recognition.


  • It is always in line with your course, curriculum, minor etc;
  • The approach of the workshop is practical and interactive;
  • A Hotello pursang with a lot of experiences will provide the workshop for you; 
  • This is a perfect introduction to the HotelloTOP network with more than 6.000 Hotello’s;
  • And of course, to make your first steps in becoming a NetworkKING.

students about the essence of networking and what you can achieve with your network.


tools, tips & tricks with students on creating and maintaining a network.


HotelloTOP and Future Hotello as networking events to the students.

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