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One-stop shopping for audio and video equipment
“We want to think with our customers and contribute creative solutions”

Every client in the fair and event industry has their own requirements. One client may choose to rent audio-visual materials. Another may choose to purchase because they often attend special events which require proper equipment. One could think of event venues or halls, but hotels and corporations also often opt to have appropriate installations constructed.

It is always a good idea to consult a specialist, not just because of the differences between renting and buying equipment, but also because every single occasion and situation is unique. A specialist who has in-depth knowledge of his product, who offers a wide range of equipment, and who always focuses on quality. Thanks to its many years of experience on the market, Bazelmans AVR knows what is happening  “We are an excellent partner for all companies and organisations looking for audio-visual equipment. Whether they want to buy or rent, our one-stop shopping principle is convenient for every kind of customer.”

Experience, knowledge of the latest developments, specialised equipment and a very wide range. That is what characterises Bazelmans AVR. Whether it comes to sound, video or lighting, Bazelmans AVR offers a customized solution for every event. “We want to think along with the customer as creatively as possible.

Another advantage of our company are the short lines of communication, due to our concentrated team of 40 employees. We can shift gear at a moment’s notice. People expect the best from us, and we will find the right solution for every customer, every time.

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