COMPO makes ticketing and registration easy for you!
Ticket sales of your event often complex and unclear? From now on it’s easy with the COMPO ticketing system. Not only for you, as organizer but also for the visitor.

A festival, theater performance or a pop-up restaurant, the COMPO system suits every event and every organizer. The ticket module is integrated into your website and – if desired – on your Facebook page, the visitor selects a ticket, pays immediately and the party can begin!

The advantages!

  • For events from 25 to 50,000 visitors
  • Hands on system: everyone can work with it, not at all technical or complicated
  • Flexibility: use the features that may come in handy for your event
  • Online ticketing, daily cashregister and ticketing via social media combined
  • No annual contracts or licenses
  • Weekly payment of each sold ticket
  • Generate extra revenue for your organization
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