Defensie Ondersteunings- commando

Joint Support Command

Support is our mission!

We are the Ministry of Defence. We are indispensable in a world of turmoil. We protect all that we as a nation cherish. We fight for a world of freedom and security, because we believe that everyone has the right to live in such a world. That is the Ministry of Defence, that is what the armed forces are for.

Supporting this work, that is the mission of Joint Support Command! By providing personnel services, training, housing, infrastructure, catering, security, surveillance, facility services, healthcare, logistics and transport. We do so on the basis of our core values: reliability, expertise and cooperation.

We support the armed forces whenever and wherever they are deployed. This allows the navy, army, air force and marechaussee to concentrate on their core task. We provide 24/7 support. Effective and flexible, at any location. That makes us unique and relevant and is our added value within the armed forces.

Herculeslaan 1, 3584 AB Utrecht