Fresh and vibrant, with a touch of saltiness.

A small-batch pot-distilled gin
with all-natural botanicals.
Handcrafted in the Netherlands.
A variety of citrus peels add a lovely freshness.
Juniper and coriander seeds give it its distinctive gin flavour.
We use as many as eight botanicals for extra depth and complexity.
We used a drop of filtered “Oosterschelder” water
for a surprising saline finish.

The result is the only Dutch Coastal Gin.


Every great brand has a story

Hermit is a sea creature with an attitude.
Born without a shell, he wandered the beaches to find a home.
After crawling across the North Sea floor, he ended up on the Dutch shores.
Finally he found his shelter: an empty bottle.
The bottle became the symbol for Hermit’s home everywhere.
Take a look inside the bottle to see his journey.

A unique story to share


We believe that perfect combinations can create beautiful friendships.

We’ve mixed true craftsmanship with our passion for harmonious flavours. All-natural botanicals such as jumper, coriander, orange and Jacmel peel, and “Oosterschelder” seawater are brought together to form a smooth, fresh and vibrant gin with a surprising touch of saltiness.

Create your own perfect combination and celebrate with friends.

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