Hotelschool Management School Maastricht

Hotel Management School Maastricht trains young adults to become qualified and passionate professionals who can contribute to the development and innovation of the national and international hospitality industry. It seeks to do so through its curriculum, research and life-long learning.

The Hotel School rests on three pillars:

  1. Hotel Management School Maastricht – Take the next step in hospitality
  2. Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem –Feel the next step in hospitality
  3. Hospitality Consultancy – Share the next step in Hospitality

After it was established in 1950, Hotel Management School Maastricht has become an educational institute with an international recognition and reputation. Currently, enrollment stands at approximately 1,100 students, and we welcome about 320 first year students, from various countries within and outside of Europe every year. The School employs about 130 staff members.

Hotelschool Maastricht
Bethlehemweg 2, 6222 BM Maastricht
043 352 8282