IHMG is the abbreviation of International Hotel Management Group B.V. and is the holding company of the hotel brands Sandton Hotels and Pillows Hotels. IHMG is a globally focused hospitality organization with a strong base in the Netherlands. The unique hotels are all situated on beautiful locations near the best places to visit. IHMG’s vision is clear-cut: our guests can look forward to staying at any one of our hotels, where our employees are passionate about providing them with nothing less than a great stay.

Sandton Hotels

Our mission statement has remained unchanged since we started in 2004: We want you to look forward to your stay at each of our hotels. We are extremely proud of our collection of unique hotels in the Netherlands and Belgium, and look forward to bidding you a warm welcome as our guest!

Pillows Hotels

Whether staying for the night, exploring the city or pausing for a coffee, Pillows Hotels offers guests a home at exciting destinations in The Netherlands and Belgium. The warmly designed rooms and suites feature a soft colour palette and offer all the modern amenities today’s discerning travellers expect. The Living is the heart of each hotel, where the warm welcome, check-in and food & beverage services melt into a lively social space. Guests can decide when and where to eat, thanks to Pillows’ around the clock dining options. Pillows Hotels are located in monumental properties and blend elegant design with a residential feel and personal service. Welcome to the epitome of timeless charm.

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