New Tailor

NEW TAILOR is the place to be for bespoke clothing in the Netherlands since 1997.

A bespoke suit or shirt is often considered a luxury, nonetheless, we rather view it is as a pleasant necessity. Our advice is obviously tailored to each individual.  The man before the suit as a mission and vision. NEW TAILOR employs different tailoring processes; craft is the necessity. The names of our different lines are based on the amount of hours that are needed to tailor the suit. Thus, the tailoring process together with the cloth, determine the price as well as the comfort of wearing.  We fit the head not the body. There are many offerings presented as a bespoke suit which do not deserve this designation. First of all, one of the most important determinants of the final result is the person that measures the customer. He or she has to be able to translate your posture and needs into a shape and pattern that fits your body as well as your character. For this reason, NEW TAILOR is keen to get to know you. Apart from a well cut pattern, model and fabric to ensure the desired appearance, the inner part is equally important. Please contact us for more details or have a look at

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