Since 1868 the family Gerritsen has been involved in the production and supply of silverware. Sola was founded in 1922. For generations Sola brand mark is synonymous for the most wonderful cutlery in excellent and durable quality. Nowadays the company is run bij Mr. B. Gerritsen.

Sola has been manufacturing and distributing its products through dealers and wholesalers, reaching all various sectors of the hospitality industry from hotels and hotel-supplies companies, restaurants, airlines, cruise-lines and others in  more than 80 nations.

In our range of cutlery we have many different styles, varying from classic to contemporary designs in stainless steel 18/0 en 18/10, silver- plated or coloured cutlery in different price- levels. New designs based on the latest trends, are regularly being introduced. Many designs can be supplied from stock. We can offer our customers a high quality product ( 10 years garantee) that meets the latest market trends against highly competitive prices. We can offer possibility of tailor made designing.

We are looking forward to serving you as our customer.

Van Reenenweg 155, 3702 SJ Zeist
+31 30 692 3364