Traiteur de Paris

Traiteur de Paris was the result of an encounter, that of Yann Le Moal, a passionate pastry Chef, and Denis Pinault, a young entrepreneur.

In 1996, they started building a small catering business, a few minutes away from Paris.

The commercial acumen of one added to the creativity of the other meant it took no time for them to push out the walls.

The small business grew, benefiting from an increasing image in the capital. Gorgeous cocktail parties, weddings, seminars…, requests for its services simply pour in, with a strong focus on seasonality – which makes the partners increasingly arduous.

In order to cope with these constraints, they decide to prepare some of their creations in advance, and to freeze them to safeguard the excellence and quality level of their produces.

Throughout the years, and thanks to perfectly mastering the freezing process, the small business expands.

Its produces are now marketed worldwide through trustworthy partners in order to meet the requirements of food professionals in order to meet the expectations of professional caterers.

Creativity and quality remain at the core of our priorities.

Today, Traiteur de Paris is an ongoing family business, employing over 400 staff in its workshops in Brittany and Normandy, and to display its commitment to the profession and put together passionate teams.

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276 rue de Châteaugiron. CS 36331. 35063 Rennes Cedex. France
+33 (0) 2 99 86 76 00