Vrumona: a leading soft drinks portfolio, ready to meet tomorrow’s needs

Vrumona is a large Dutch producer of a variety of modern softdrinks. Her portfolio consists of own brands, like Royal Club and Sourcy, and licensed brands like Pepsi, 7UP and Rivella.

Pro-actively lowering Kcal, added sugar and artificial additives, Vrumona is creating a healthier and modern portfolio of soft drinks. Proud of her classics, like Pepsi and Royal Club, and investing in premium brands like Russell&Co. and Caleb’s Kola. At the same time accelerating on innovation of healthier choices like Sourcy flavoured mineral water, and Rivella non-carbonated.

Being a high-ranked business partner for on- and off premise entrepreneurs, servicing consumers in all of their their need stages, is a strong value and part of the Vrumona DNA structure. Continuous improvement, combined with a ‘can-do’ mentality, keeps Vrumona ahead of competition and more than ready for the challenging future.

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Vrumonaweg 2, 3981 HT Bunnik
030 656 8911