AJUMA Veggies ; Three different bites inspired by the Asian kitchen.

It all started at the Ajuma beach-restaurant in Zandvoort where the original recipe for the bites was created and made by hand.
The bites became so popular that we started to sell them as a separate product to companies like Holland Casino and the Kennemer Golfclub.
Although they are now produced in larger numbers the Ajuma bites are still created based on the original recipe with only fresh vegetables and without any flavor enhancers. This is a key value for us as it ensures the unique taste and makes the Ajuma bites a truly natural product.

Today the Ajuma bites are available at several Horeca Wholesalers in the Netherlands like Bidfood, Hanos, and Verstrade.
Our goal is to make natural bites that everybody loves in the most sustainable way with nothing but natural products.

“Food for Thought”
AJUMA Veggies

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