The Talent of the Year Award 2021 will be presented to the Talent – who is a student to one of the Dutch hotel management schools, or has graduated no more than 2 years ago –  that achieved great success in 2020.

The Talents are known for their hospitality, optimism, energy, socially skills, inventiveness, pragmatism, ambition and enthusiasm. Moreover, the student obtained an outstanding achievement during their study, internship or young career.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to nominate any Talents yet. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to the HotelloTOP newsletter or follow us on Facebook & Instagram. Curious about the previous winners? Check out our Wall of Fame below!

The Talent of the Year is someone who:
  • Is a student to one of the Dutch hotel management schools, or has graduated no more than 2 years ago;
  • Has deliverd admirable work in 2020, or has put something special into practice (at school, in the workfield or during in extra-curricular activities);
  • Is, as a young professional, already acknowledged as a true Hotello, with the accompanying core values: hospitable, optimistic, energetic, socially skilled, inventive, pragmatic, ambitious and enthusiastic

Since 2016, the Talent of the Year Award is presented to a recognized and acknowledged (Future) Hotello who has achieved great success in the hospitality industry, during his/her study or through extra curricular activities. Like musicians, athletes and actors, the winners of the Talent of the Year Award are now immortalized on the Talent Wall of Fame. Click on the button below to see the Wall of Fame. 

Competition outline

From Augustus 31st until October 16th it is possible to nominate your Talent of the Year Award 2021. The HotelloTOP Petit Comité will compile the best Talents based on the nomination. The best Talents will be invited to present themselves to a jury panel and clarify the question “How did being a Hotello contribute to your recent achievement” The best 3 Talents have to run an online campaign to collect votes for the final results. 

The winner will be announced during the Future Hotello Congress.