TRANSDUCE. began in 2020 when Kimberlynn Chaves and Rebeca Barbulescu, who had been friends for 15 years, shared their passions for aromatherapy and the hospitality industry. Since then, TRANSDUCE. has become a luxury scent design agency that specializes in using 100% natural
fragrances in a subtle way to meet the needs of any hotel.

We are experts in creating custom fragrance solutions for clients such as De Durgerdam, Soho House, Doubletree by Hilton, and other hotel brands. We capture the soul of a hotel into a Signature Scent and diffuse it through our different scent machines, tailor-made pillow/room sprays, soaps, housekeeping sprays and more. In this way, our clients stand out & ensure memorable, meaningful and effective scent experiences for their guests and employees.

Our natural organic fragrances are more valuable compared to synthetic imitations thanks to a stronger impact on the unconscious mind and the antiseptic and air-purifying properties of nature.

Our mission:
“It is our mission is to transform the concept of aromatherapy into a novel lifestyle experience,
inspiring people to embrace the power of scent every day, whilst ensuring that our endeavors leave a
profound and lasting impact on society and the well-being of our planet.”

Van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg 160-4
1076JV Amsterdam
The Netherlands