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January 9th



On Wednesday January 9th 2019 the 15th edition of the HotelloTOP Year Event will take place during the Horecava in RAI Amsterdam. This year’s theme of the HotelloTOP Year Event is ‘Hotello Sapiens’.

Imagine how you would have done as a hunter-gatherer. Would you have managed to score enough chestnuts on a daily basis, hunt for rabbits, and protect your offspring from danger? Chances are, the Hotello would have been pretty screwed 75.000 years ago.

Nowadays the Hotello has actually evolved into a refined species, and we are doing well! To survive in this robotized, automated era you cannot do without WIFI and a full battery. Only then do our production processes work, do our computers think with us and for us, and do we get our daily dose of coffee. Besides WIFI and a full battery, there is one other essential element needed to survive… The human touch!

The Hotello is a specialist in the human touch and therefore the messiah of modern-day evolution. Our hotello-DNA has traits which enable us to create deep connections, link people to each other, and lead and serve complex group dynamics. Our hotello-species is intertwined in a very strong, personal network, which is fit for the future! We believe the Hotello is the key to the evolution and survival of the entire human species.


09.30 – 10.00

Coffee Reception @Hotelworld

13.00 – 14.30

Walking Lunch
(Forum Lounge)

14.30 – 16.30


16.30 – 22.00

Networking Drink
(Park Foyer)


This Year Event we are treated to one of the most captivating professors in The Netherlands: ‘De Wereld draait door’ professor Erik Scherder. He will tell us all about those strange wires in our head, and explain how our Hotello-brain can help mankind to survive.

Top Talks

Likeminded people sharing the stage’, with this slogan three Hotello’s will inspire us with their stories. This year, we are looking for two Hotello’s who want to take the stage to tell about one of the followings subjects:

– Thanks to my human touch Artificial Intelligence/robotisation has been embraced in my company –

– As a Hotello I am a musthave in my Notello-organisation –

Next to that we are also looking for a Notello who would like to take the stage to tell about why he or she sees Hotello’s as a musthave in his/her company.

Did we spark you interest? Send an email to with the story you would like to share on stage!


Hotello of the Year
Award 2019

The Hotello of the Year Award is the annual election for Hotello’s from one of the known Higher Hotel School courses in the Netherlands. This Hotello has performed distinctly within or outside the hospitality sector in 2018. The Hotello of the Year distinguishes itself through the core values; hospitable, optimistic, energetic, socially skilled, inventive and pragmatic, ambitious and enthusiastic.

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