February 1st
De Horecawereld Draait Door 2021

The 17th edition of the HotelloTOP Year Event takes place as an online livestream on Monday February 1st 2021 during Horecava Limited.

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Last year’s theme of the HotelloTOP Year Event is ‘Made in Holland – Tulips, Cheese & Hotello’s’.

Say cheese!

A product that is inseparably linked to our fine, little country. Ask a foreigner to name a top 10 of things that remind him of The Netherlands, and cheese is undoubtedly mentioned. And don’t forget the tulips! Tulips (from Amsterdam) are not only serenaded, but they draw in almost 1.5 million tourists per year. But, there is one very distinct product that we must not rule out for the top 10 of the future: the Dutch Hotello.

Dutch Tulips, Cheese and Hotello’s – they all carry the hallmark ‘Made in Holland’. Own research now shows us that Hotello’s truly stand out from the crowd because they can distinguish themselves by their combination of core values: hospitable, optimistic, energetic, socially skilled, inventive, pragmatic, ambitious and with a strong work ethic.

Say cheese also represents the happiness of the Hotello, because boy are we a happy species! The Dutch Hotello (a product that is developed at one of the renowned Dutch Hotel Schools) can already be found all over the world and may be the most undervalued product that we export. Because when looking at the future, there will be a shortage of many things, such as copper and nutrients, but also of the human touch; the strongsuit of a Hotello.

In the 21st century, where it’s a struggle to maintain authenticity and enable human interactions, it is essential to have a certain percentage of Hotello-ness in every company in order to be fit for the future.

In the 2020 edition of the HotelloTOP Year Event we will discover all facets and possibilities of this fantastic export product. 


The Time Table is yet to be announced.


Last year’s event we welcomed Ilja Gort; winegrower in France, presenter and writer. His La Tulipe and Slurp-wines have belonged to the best sold wines of the Albert Heijn for years. In France Ilja Gort (as Dutchie) was awarded as one of the best winegrowers of France.

Top Talks 2020

Likeminded people sharing the stage’, with this slogan three Hotello’s will inspire us with their stories. Look back on the three TOP Talks of 2020!

Ontwerp zonder titel (3)
Marijke Booij
Booij Kaasmakers (Hotello)
Ontwerp zonder titel (2)
Pie Aerts
Pie Aerts Photography (Hotello)
Ontwerp zonder titel (1)
Jacobine Lotgering
Heineken (Hotello)

Hotello of the Year
Award 2021

The Hotello of the Year Award is the annual election for Hotello’s from one of the known Higher Hotel School courses in the Netherlands. This Hotello has performed distinctly within or outside the hospitality sector in 2020. The Hotello of the Year distinguishes itself through the core values; hospitable, optimistic, energetic, socially skilled, inventive and pragmatic, ambitious and enthusiastic.

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