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Do you belong to the generation Y and Z, also known as the millennials or the boundless generation? Travelling limitedless without budget, getting rich by blogging on YouTube, being online 24/7 and having flawless instagram profiles. All well known characteristics of this generation. Not surprising at all that the millenials sometimes struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance and even more to find the right workplace? Future Hotello will help you to start building your network and develop yourself into a real multiplayer during the Future Hotello programme.

But what do we mean exactly?
It means that HotelloTOP will provide you starting points and guidelines to develop yourself in building your network. Future Hotello triggers you to go offline for a day and take the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with Directors and HR-Managers of hospitality companies and vice versa. Moreover, you are able to find out what it’s like to be the employee of the future and how this fits into today’s workfield. These practical tools and guidelines will help you – as young professional – to find out your passion, build a network, meet and greet co-Hotello’s and of course to prepare you for the future in an informal way.



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Future Hotello


Pitch The NXT GM Challenge






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Ceremony Talent of the Year Award 2020


Networking lunch


HotelloTOP Year Event Congress @Forum


HotelloTOP Year Event Networking Drink @Park Foyer

Future Hotello Partners

Talent of the Year 2020

The Talent of the Year Award is an incentive award for a student or a recent graduate of one of the recognized Dutch Hotel Management Schools. The Talent of the Year has performed amazingly good, or accomplished something exceptional, during his study at school or in the field. He or she is still a student, or graduated no longer than two years ago. The Talent is already recognized as a Young Professional and as a true ‘Hotello’ with the corresponding values.

Wednesday, January 15th 2020 the winner of the Talent of the Year Award 2020 was revealed. The three finalists were:

  • Pien Smit (SHMS ’18)
  • Jeannot Peijen (SHMS ’19)
  • Robert Schouten (HTH ’21)

Jeannot Peijen (SHMS ’19) won the Talent of the Year Award 2020! 

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